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Psalms of David - Volume 4
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Psalms of David - Volume 4

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Peterborough Cathedral Choir - Psalms 50 - 67
The Psalms of David are at the very heart of the Anglican tradition and sung daily by our cathedral choirs. Indeed the very standard of a choir can be judged by its performances of the psalms. Priory is pleased to announce this fourth volume in its second series of the Complete Psalms, using chants never recorded before and choirs not used in the first series. Peterborough Cathedral Choir under the direction of Andrew Reid (now director at the Royal School of Church Music) perform Psalms 50 to 67, in chants by Stanley Vann (former organist of the cathedral ) as well as Purcell, Noble, Keeton, George Arnold, Baker, Havergal, Walford Davies, George Bennett, Ronald Gates and Andrew Reid himself.